At Techins, our consultants have provided valuable development and configuration support for a wide range of SAP implementations. Using our internally built SAP practice, this leverages elements of ASAP methodology, IT strategy and business process re-engineering expertise, we guide mid to large sized companies in planning, management and completion of their SAP implementations.

Our team has worked on multiple SAP implementations, supporting our customers in different SAP Products including, SAP ECC and SAP HANA.

SAP Upgrades and Rollout

At Techins, we have extensive experience in the implementation of functional and technical upgrade services. We provide a comprehensive offer in compliance with the client’s needs. Our offer includes

  1. Preparation stage for the upgrade,
  2. Technician and functional upgrade,
  3. Training on new functionalities,
  4. Training on the functional differences of upgraded system from the previous version.

Having performed various upgrades, we have the ample experience and dedicated resources to provide you with a timely, cost-effective, and error free version upgrade. Together with our experiences and in-depth knowledge to analyse the issues and finding solutions, we utilize SAP’s ASAP upgrade methodology as our road map for your upgrade and rollout processes.
We provide strategies and best practices on how to proactively manage challenges that arise during an SAP rollout project. We also provide various approaches to guide development plans and rollout strategies based on lessons we learned from our experiences, which can lead to successful SAP roll-outs.

SAP Maintenance and Support Services

Techins consulting houses a centre of excellence team (COE), which provides the necessary support services within the framework of SAP standard support methodology. At techins, we offer functional support services and maintenance solutions in accordance with the recommendations of ITIL, ITSM, eliminating functional errors at a critical level, the development of additional system functionalities, system upgrades and migration.

The functional support areas include:

  • Resolution of incidents, elimination of the causes and the consequences of incidents occurring in the system
  • Support changes in internal business processes or system patch updates/ extensions
  • Proactive adaptation of the system to changing legal requirements and handling month/ year end activities
  • With our proactive technical support, we monitor our client’s SAP applications to identify potential problem areas before they get highlighted



The syllabus or the content included in the user training will have all the functionalities that will be required by the user for any SAP module. Our Training is guided by people who have several years of domain experience across various industries. It can be an onsite or offsite as per the preferences of the client. The training period can be customised as per our client’s functional requirements and their available timings.
For e.g.: Purchase user will be trained to do the functionalities of procurement like managing purchasing documents in SAP and its implications.


The consultant trainee will be taught the configurations required for the functionalities required by the clients for the working of various SAP processes. The consultant training will be provided at our training location or as per the preference of the client.


We provide training for corporate employees covering SAP reporting and management tools familiarisation for the top level management team members and also the transactional level training for users on their relevant functional areas.

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We have well experienced resources for the following modules in SAP

  1. Materials Management
  2. Sales & Distribution
  3. Warehouse Management
  4. Quality Management
  5. Production Planning
  6. Transportation Management
  7. Logistics Execution
  8. Finance and controlling
  9. ABAP

And also, we have well experienced resources in S4HANA in the following sections as well.

  1. S4HANA Enhancements to processes in procurement
  2. SAP S4HANA Sales-Functions and enhancements
  3. SAP S4HANA Manufacturing-Functions and innovations
  4. SAP S4HANA Finance

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